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A.D. Transport Express is a multi service award winning company, with decades of expertise in safely moving truckload shipments from short to long haul anywhere in the lower 48 states.  We have grown to become one of the transportation industry’s most respected dry van carriers, prepared to fully meet the challenge of moving your shipments to their destinations.  We service a variety of industries, from small hometown shippers to the largest fortune 500 companies. Each and every shipment is handled with expertise, reliability and a full commitment to deliver your freight safely and on time.

All of our core services include:

  • Live Load tracking
  • Central dispatch - operating 24 hour a day
  • Experienced Professional Drivers
  • Dedicated Customer Service Staff
  • Online Proof of Delivery
  • Electronic Shipment Status Alerts




We have developed a large network of trucks, trailers, and drivers who provide you the piece of mind and confidence in that your shipments will arrive as scheduled and without compromise. Through our uncompromising dedication, we will ensure that your transportation needs are met safely and timely. It is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our Commitment to You …

Capacity – The dependability and strength of our large network of resources throughout the country allow us to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Experience – Our truckload fleet is comprised entirely of highly experienced drivers and operations professionals with decades of field experience, transportation education and tenure at the company.

Reliability – We do not compromise on the quality and standards of our fleet of trucks and trailers. Never compromising on quality, our certified and professional mechanical technicians maintain our fleet to optimal condition.



We have been an expeditor since our inception and the knowledge gained through decades of experience allows us to surpass the expectations of our customers. We take great pride in the fact that our customers look to us when time is of the essence and the stakes are high.

In your time of need, our professional office staff and drivers will provide exceptional service and support. At any moment of any day we can provide the assurance needed throughout a critical shipment.



If you require unique / specialized equipment, special driver qualifications, uniformed dedicated drivers or simply want to guarantee service by eliminating market timing and resource capacity, you can benefit from our Dedicated Program.

Our management expertise, experienced drivers, commitment to safety and second to none on-time performance will allow you achieve better customer service to your key customers.



Our Logistics service is comprised of talented professionals, advanced technology, integrated systems and transparent information, all coming together in a few clicks to take the complication out of your business. Utilize our contract capacity to help you deliver on time and on budget. We provide and support all modes of service to satisfy your supply chain requirement.

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